Corporate Client Partner Program

Corporate Client Partner Program

Take control of your success through professional development

All our training courses can be customized in content and delivery to suit your needs and requirements; this includes training that leads to a certification from the respective governing body. Eduskape is the one stop solution for all the training and certifications; Eduskape assists you in below mentioned services:
  • Certification requirements
  • custom content development
  • customized training solutions
  • live virtual classes across the globe
  • E-learning packages
  • Guest lectures from Industry experts
  • We offer bulk packages in certifications and E-learning

Corporate Training Solutions

Eduskape Learning Solutions has had the privilege to provide enriched training services to corporates from a wide range of industries including Fortune 500 companies as well as small and midsized companies.Eduskape has provided training to corporates from below mentioned industries
  • Government - State / Local
  • Financial - Banking / Mortgage / Credit Agencies
  • Energy - Oil / Gas / Electric
  • IT Consulting - Software and Infrastructure / Telecommunications / Support Services
  • Construction - Commercial / Residential
  • Medical - Hospitals / Medical Care Facilities / Medical Practice Groups
Eduskape follows all the guidelines put forth by respective certifying bodies, Eduskape  has proven that the training programs meet rigorous quality standards for course content, instructor qualification, and instructional design of the governing bodies. Eduskape  delivers world-class, effective training to improve business efficiency. The overall goal of Eduskape  is to help in increasing an efficiency of the corporates by providing a consistent training and development services, Eduskape employs real world exercises that not only help the professionals understand fundamentals but also provide a strong foundation for practical use with templates and examples from actual projects. All Eduskape trainers are seasoned trainers and consultants with a minimum of 15 years of experience in the respective fields. This provides another dimension of open discussion where trainers are not only able to answer complex questions, but are able to lead interactive discussions. We offer a series management courses designed to improve project management processes encompassing project initiation, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing. Our Corporate Client Programs Offers the below main benefits to the corporates
    • Access to experienced trainers, researchers, and well known consultants.
    • Practical, research-based strategies for improving business outcomes.
    • Enriching professional development opportunities and field experiences.
    • Enables educators to choose when, where, and how they learn.
To avail the best possible discount and top priority while delivering the training , tie up with us as our corporate client and avail the below mentioned services
      • Best possible discount for all the Trainings
      • Best possible Trainers
      • Trainers on Request
      • Trainers visit before the Training
      • We understand that your business and training goals are unique, and many organizations today want a more highly customized training program for improving sales, employee performance, organizational communication and developing leaders, please do not hesitate to contact us for any requirements

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