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Management Of Risk (MoR)

The management of risk is essential when making decisions within a business setting. Furthermore, it is relevant to anyone who makes crucial decisions within an organisation. This means that our M_o_R® certification is beneficial for individuals and organisations across all industries.

M_o_R® is also a generic framework, which means that it can be applied to any organisation with efficient results. Our M_o_R® qualification, therefore, enables you to learn about the M_o_R® methodology involved in controlling both negative and positive risks and allows you to develop skills in applying this to everyday experiences.

M_o_R provides a route map for the management of risk within a corporation. This map incorporates basic concepts, an approach, a series of process steps, and advice on techniques. This advice focuses on how M_o_R® should be applied to your specific sector. The M_o_R® qualification has four key outcomes:

  • Knowledge, ensuring that the user can identify the key concepts of M_o_R®
  • Comprehension, confirming the user understands these concepts
  • Application, establishing how the user will be able to apply the the principles of M_o_R® to their given field
  • Analysis, assuring the user has the ability to differentiate between correct and incorrect use of the principles of M_o_R®  

Our instructors are present to provide an interactive and interesting course that engages you. Our instructors are also there to ensure that training is applicable to your specific sector and is shaped around your personal requirements. Effective risk management is essential for the development of a professional who can make informed decisions to benefit both themselves and their organisation. Therefore, the M_o_R® certification positions professionals in an advantageous position to enhance their company's profitability and confirm that informed decisions are being made.

Our M_o_R® Foundation certification consists of a 3-day course that aims to develop your knowledge, understanding and application of risk management, in order to increase your chances of passing the M_o_R® examination.

Our trainers will advise you with expert tips, in addition to the specific information included in our M_o_R® training course. The M_o_R® exam concentrates on your knowledge of the M_o_R® framework. It is recommended that chapters from the M_o_R® manual: ‘Management of Risk: Guidance for Practitioners’ are studied prior to the course to ensure that you understand the basic principles and terms used in M_o_R®.

Our candidates are also offered support after the examination is completed to enable you to get the most out of your M_o_R® training. Therefore, the trainer-led format of the M_o_R® qualification allows you to develop your skills and knowledge under the advisement of highly experienced trainers, who are fully accredited and have years of experience in M_o_R® procedures.

M_o_R® Practitioner Upgrade Certification

Our  2-day M_o_R® Practitioner Upgrade certification targets those who have already completed the M_o_R® Foundation certification and want to further develop their knowledge of risk management and learn how to apply and shape M_o_R® to any organisational structure, but may not have the practical ability to administer this across all sectors.

It is a pre-requisite of the M_o_R® Practitioner Upgrade course to have completed the M_o_R® Foundation certification, ensuring that candidates have a basic knowledge and understanding of the M_o_R® methodologies. The M_o_R® Practitioner certification enables employers to recognise that the candidate has an elevated knowledge of the M_o_R® methodologies and, in theory, has the foundation to apply these across the board.

M_o_R® Foundation and Practitioner Certification

Our 5-day M_o_R® Foundation and Practitioner certification combines the content of the separate Foundation and Practitioner courses into one. Within this course, the first 3 days will focus on the M_o_R Foundation content, with the examination at the end of the third. This will be following by a final 2 days focusing on the M_o_R® Practitioner Upgrade content, with this examination at the end of the fifth and final day. This format enables the candidate to become an expert on the M_o_R® methodologies within a short 5-day period.

M_o_R® Re-Registration Certification

Our M_o_R® Re-registration certification is for individuals who want to renew their qualification. The M_o_R® Practitioner qualification must be renewed every 3-5 years in order for the certification to stay relevant and up to date. This M_o_R® Re-Registration Certification enables candidates to refresh their knowledge of M_o_R® to ensure that they are using it effectively. 

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